Software Package Release
Marshall-London EU, KB15_2_R313_151012
London Update: Billy

What's New?
London Update: Billy

We have listened to your feedback and included many improvements and promised features. Thanks once again for your patience.

This update contains the following:
- Improved tunings for main camera applied. Auto-focus and light-balance improved.
- exFAT supported. Now you can use your 128GB cards and store files larger than 3GB.
- The custom DJ app, EDJing for Marshall is now fully functional and pre-queue is available.
- Multi-channel audio API now enabled - allows recording & output of discrete channels on audio jacks.
- FLAC file information is now correctly displayed.
- Rockabilly Bros have now been updated to the final release. Some of you got stuck at level 4.
- Volume control issues between audio jack 1 & 2 have been resolved.
- Speaker EQ tunings improved.
- Translations have been improved.
- Headset notifications simplified.
- Bluetooth device search improved.
- Vibration when switching from silent to normal and vice versa when long-pressing the volume wheel.
- Equalizer normalisation improved.
- Videos application has been added.
- Touch-screen firmware optimised for better in-car use.
- Waking the phone via M-Button can now be enabled / disabled in settings.
- Updated Stagefright and security patches applied.
- Email app crashing when opening certain attachments fixed.
- Exchange Server 2013 compatibility issues fixed.

We are now working hard on the next update that is scheduled for mid December which will include final tunings and improvements of the London Phone.

All the best, hope you enjoy this latest update and if you have any problems, suggestions or comments in general please get in touch with us at

The Marshall London Team